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Police: Late issuing of remand warrant by court on Tuesday delayed transfer to Bomana

BOSIP Kaiwi, facing a wilful murder charge in relation to the death of his wife Jenelyn Kennedy at their Port Moresby home last week, was moved to Bomana Prison yesterday where he will be remanded.
Police could not take him to the prison, as ordered by Waigani Committal Court Magistrate Tracy Ganaii in Kaiwi’s first court appearance on Tuesday, because of the delay in the issuing of the remand warrant.
National Capital District Met Supt Perou N’dranou confirmed yesterday that Kaiwi had to spend another night at the Boroko police station.
He said it was part of normal police procedures.
“After the court hearing yesterday (Tuesday), a warrant for his remand was made and taken back to the court for the magistrate to sign,” N’dranou told The National.
“We got the warrant at 3pm.
“However, it was late as Bomana does not accept new cases after 4pm.”
Kaiwi, 25, was charged with wilful murder after Kennedy, 19, died at their Korobosea home in Port Moresby, on Tuesday, June 23.
Police allege that she had been subjected to beatings for at least five days at home.
N’dranou said they needed to sort some things first before taking Kaiwi to Bomana.
“We needed to arrange vehicles, get fuel sorted out.
“So he was detained at Boroko Police Station yesterday (Tuesday).
“We sorted all that out (before) transferring him to Bomana,” he said.
N’dranou said police would continue to follow standard procedures and do their duty without fear or favour.
Meanwhile, National Pandemic Controller and Police Commissioner David Manning in a statement yesterday said the Correctional Services department had strict Covid-19 quarantine protocols for new admissions such as Kaiwi.
“I am advised by Correction Service (CS) Commissioner Stephen Pokanis that detainees admitted to the Bomana prison will be isolated at its designated isolation centre for 14 days, prior to being released to the general prison facility,” he said.
He said the risk (of Covid-19) was high in prison and warders were working with police and health officials to manage it as any spread in prison would be disastrous.
“Bosip is just like any other suspect in custody awaiting further (court proceedings),” he said.
Manning urged people not to spread false information on the Kaiwi case which had recently been the subject of public debate.
“Get correct information from authorities and do not create unnecessary anxiety and stress,” he said.
“It is sensitive and police will do all they can to prosecute.
“I have instructed officers to dig deep into this case and hold responsible all involved, including police, if they had been negligent or failed to act appropriately or respond quickly when Jenelyn needed help.”


  • Why is this guy given a very special treatment by all authorities concerned involved in this unusal case? The Police prosecutor, CIS commisioner, Boroko Police cell n others. He did not respect the inocent life of Late Janelyn. There is no justice at all.

  • Why is this culprit given a special treatment when he is a murderer. These authorities are all confusing the public with their statements and why???

  • Our brothers who have been struggling to earn a living by selling buai and doing informal business are taken and beaten up very badly where you could hardly recognise their faces. Now what good has Bhosik Kaiwi has done to be respected and treated like a human being unlike our brothers on the streets. These are some of the unfair, favourable, nepotism, biase and the list goes done by the appropriate legal institutions. He is seen to be very calm at ease and flexible, no pain or bruises or bleeding inflicted by our policemen and women. What a Shame on PNG… The Poor will go to jail and the Rich will be set Free

  • Please NO need any WANTOK SYSTEM or MONEY BRAVERY SYSTEM involving in this killing. This guy is the Killer, just let him go into Covid19 quarantine and after that please let him save his life year in prison.

    All Papua New Guineans eyes on this killing. No need to beat around the bush.

  • Let him get in the prison and see what its like to beat another woman to death again. Hope the folks inside do not give him a good lesson.

    N’dranou said they needed to sort some things first before taking Kaiwi to Bomana.
    “We needed to arrange vehicles, get fuel sorted out.
    “So he was detained at Boroko Police Station yesterday (Tuesday).
    “We sorted all that out (before) transferring him to Bomana,” he said.


    “Bosip is just like any other suspect in custody awaiting further (court proceedings),” he said.

    When all the stories of Kaiwi’s actions towards late Jenelyn’s death have all been clearly presented by their own Babysitter and yet the good PC said ‘Kaiwi is like any other suspect (which means without CERTAIN PROOF????????

    You gotta be Kidding me my PC- or wait em stret: YOU DONT EVEN HAVE THE RIGHT QUALIFICATION FOR THAT POST!!


  • why is this stupid killed his wife? in today’s world we treat our wives as special and look after them. They becoming our mother, a sister and a part of us. it is good that Kaiwi stay life year in prison.

  • He was charged by wilfully murdered his wife. There shouldn’t be further nepotism and justice must be served well. Mr. Kaiwi deserves to be sentenced to a life sentence in prison after the quarantine. I represent my people’s voice in this comment just like the rest of the PNGuineans raising their voices in this matter. Every voice must be heard because each voice is a unique voice.

  • Having to look at the phrases the policemen are using in this article , it looks like the police are compromising with the law. So who is really enforcing the law than????? What a system, Can’t the policemen in charge see for themselves as to what has TRANSPIRED so far????

  • Blood has been spilt unnecessarily……..if this lady did something bad in their relationship did she really deserve to die a painful death the way she died??? If not, let this murderer remain caged forever, if let out another life will be lost on this merciless animals hands.…Lawyers should let murderers, robbers, rapists and corrupt crooks find their own way out…otherwise let them rot in the cage. One could suggest that the lawyer and the murderer collaborated to cause the eventual death of this young woman

  • I hope Bosip’s smile is showing something unusual so he must be happy to be in there (Bomana). I believe no one will ever smile to enter such gates but it seems that he feels satisfied with his actions against his Lt. partner so my appeal to the authority is “do not to treat him special and seperately after the 14 days L/D is over, instead just have him in the same room with the boys so they will counsel him while he serves his interest there.

  • This is what the Kaiwi family and the defence lawyers will do. They will do heavy bribery on any crook doctor to falsify medical examinations and medical reports for Kosip. They will file bail application for the defendant on medical / humanitarian grounds. In so doing, the court may allow bail. When he is out on bail, they may interfere with the state witness. The baby sitter witness’ safety is very paramount. She can be kidnapped or assesinated. Apart from the wilful murder charge, kidnapping and other charges could have been layed as deprivation of freedom/liberty was involved in the 5 days prior to Kennedy’s death. The arresting officer, CID and prosecuter should do their jobs diligently without favour. A lot of good, genuine straight forward cases have been thrown out due incompetency and corruption in the police force and the court system. The courts should be aware that Kaiwi lawyers will argue that the accused has mental disorder. Kosip is normal person. He deserves life sentence.

  • I think Ndranou is confusing himself. What he has stated in the paper is contradicting the nature of crime. And himself does not know what he interrupting. When you talk about fuel and vehicle that is something very very useless and childish reason. You don’t think people are stupid. Ndranou has to be justice and not foul around of bribery. Become another puppet. Justice has to be prevail as you are law enforcer. You treat other simple law breaker such buai seller, street vendors strongly even to the etreme of killing people of simple law breaker. Now this killer has been in a light treatment. The law enforcers include police are the sources of corruption and destroying this nation. Law enforcer in PNG is another crime of its own which corrupt this nation badly.

  • A life has been lost and in an inhuman manner and justice has to prevail. Just a thought though. Is it not possible for separate maximum jail be set up separately away from common criminals, say far from Bomana just for the hard cores so they are given their medicine good and proper?
    Such people deserve to be treated like animals or whatever .

  • Kaiwi is an animal, he is not fit to live with human beings. Who is he to give special treatment? He should be kept in chain also in underground jail. Get his parents too for harboring and kept silent when torturing in front of them.

  • This is my view from posts in social media. He was given special treatment on his ride to covid-19 14 day quarantine. He was given betel nut to chew by police in vehicle, and was give a pat in the back by police when he entered quarantine.

    In Australia, he would have been hand cuffed!

    Police your actions are dubious knowing you did not do things right to prevent the death of most women exposed to violence from their partners.

  • “We needed to arrange vehicles, get fuel sorted out”
    Greatest Joke of all time

    • Shallow, naive and most stupid reason from a half educated wimp of an officer.

  • I think he is a real looser. If he was suspecting his wife of having an affair with someone else, why didn’t he move on? He is a total looser. He couldn’t stand the thought of her wife being with someone else.

    I don’t think he will be able to have another wife. Fact is, who would want to stay with a murderer.
    He will be by himself, without a wife till he dies and go to hell.

  • how can you allow this killer to walk freely without handcuffs , and giving him betelnut to chew and taking it easy on him…where is justice??? kick his butts and be hard on him, killer eh..

  • N’dranou said they needed to sort some things first before taking Kaiwi to Bomana.
    “We needed to arrange vehicles, get fuel sorted out.
    Vehicles and fuels?? Mi laugh dai ya
    WTF is that?????? Why not just treating him just like an ordinary person???

  • PNG listen!

    If you want to stop violence against girls and women, this is the right time to stand together and demand justice for Jenelyn Kennedy, families and friends.

  • Met Sup. The reasons you gave to justify the delay in transporting a murderer to prison post hase is ludicrous!!! Arrange transportation and fuel????? What a shame!!! Pull your socks up!!!! This are simple stuff that could have been sorted out ages ago!!! This is how police in PNG take sides with business man and impede the flow of law and order and justice!!! Utter rubbish!!!

  • He is behaving himself among the men of the CIS because he only hits women
    Punishment is awaiting him from his fellow inmates who will order him, “Bend over and pick that twig Kaiwi”

  • Shallow, naive and most stupid reason from a half educated wimp of an officer.

  • Please let not money manipulate our laws here in our beloved country. Lets us all be transparent and honest in our jobs.

  • this knuckle dragging Bosip with his knuckles bruised from beating a helpless woman thinks his family money will let him get away with murder. he was a spoiled rich kid all his life, family and community let him get away with anything because of family money, i hope we will not let him buy his way out of this murder

  • this is totally insane. how can such a person again being quarintined when he murders other. even when peter oniell arrived from australia, he was not given 14 days quarintined and he was directly sent to boroko.
    this government is taking back papua new guinea

  • law keeper’s first excuse for arresting law breakers is Fuel & Car problem which is indirectly telling complainant to give them bucks for their Betel nuts and smoke as if they are not paid by Government for performing the policing role. Such person like Kaiwi who practiced in human act should not be dependent by any lawyer of this country and he is not even deserve to be surviving on this planet earth so just give death penalty. He can die and go to hell the place his favoring for.

  • Keep him save. Later he will investigate with his money, that’s highlands mentality of taking revenge later. Do not show your self publicly in the media and so does. Tok Kumar from a friendly citizen.

  • This case has to be monitored closely by following people in ranks: Chief Justice,Police Commissioner and CS Commissioner.Making sure this fellow faces the same treatment as others in Bomana.

  • I Believe the Police are doing the right thing protecting the culprit, so that he can be in his normal mood so they can carry out their investigation, to find out out the root causes how/why that Kennedy was killed in such way, if the Police goes the other way, how will we get the evidence, make suitable Law to protect /control the next victim with similar problems…..

  • We are always getting things wrong when we compare person’s wealth and title with law. Money or your family background does not have anything to do with diluting the law of this country. Bosip is a senseless, worthless, useless fool who forgot about empathy of his own sister if he has one who may be treated like that by his Tambu man. How would you feel Mr. Murderer. Bosip maybe you dont even come out of your mother’s womb. You may be a alien murderer who just fell in love by mental disorder. He has no place on the planet earth. I I don’t know cage him in the moon or something.

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