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BOSIP Kaiwi, charged with the wilful murder of his 19-year-old partner and mother of their two children, had his case adjourned to Sept 8 for further mention as his files are yet to be completed by police.
Waigani Committal Court Magistrate Tracy Ganaii allowed the adjournment after Police Prosecutor Chief Sgt Polon Koniu said there was no instruction from the informant in relation to the police hand-up brief.
“This case commenced on June 30, and is still within the three months, therefore, I make an application to have this matter further adjourned to Tuesday, 8th of September,” he said.
Kaiwi, 25, of Minj village, South Waghi, Jiwaka appeared for second mention without being represented by a counsel.
He told the court that the counsel who first appeared for him during his first mention would not be representing him. Magistrate Ganaii told him to talk to a lawyer to represent him because that was his right.
He was brought to court from Bomana with other prisoners on the police prison van, unlike for his first mention when he was came in an unmarked vehicle.
Procedures and rights read to Kaiwi earlier in court were repeated by Magistrate Ganai.
“In the course of the three months, the police is required to tender to court a copy of the police hand-up brief which will contain statements of witnesses in the case against you,” she said.
“I also explained to you that if there is no hand-up brief within the three months, you are entitled to discharge until and when the police have a file.”
“If the file is ready within the three months, the court will hear submissions from yourself, either personally or through a lawyer, so you are entitled to talk to a lawyer who may appear on your behalf to make submissions on sufficiency of evidence.
Kaiwi was alleged to have between June 18 and 23 tortured his partner, the late Jenelyn Kennedy, at his home along Pipigari Street at Korobosea. Kennedy died on June 23, allegedly after five days of assault.
Police allege that when Kaiwi realised that she had died, he and his friends rushed her to Port Moresby General Hospital and left her at the emergency ward and fled.
Kaiwi surrendered to the 6-Mile police station and was later transferred to Boroko and detained.
He was formally arrested and charged on June 25.


  • please let the constitution (our Mama Law) take a good look at this Wilful Murderer Mr Kaiwi and deal with him accordingly for the goodness of every Mother a in and around PNG

  • Police do a competent job on this case – we’ve had too many cases thrown out because of your incompetence and this case shouldn’t be one of them. We are closely monitoring your incompetence.

    • I belief it is no incompetency by investigators, but some thing else, you guess what? corrrrr..ruption/ bribery, the power of evil money.

  • How much more do you want to handle this case? He is already guilty!
    The statements made by her relatives and the baby sitter have enough evidence to sentence him. Please,let Justice prevail!

  • So I guess the lawyer representing this animal finally realising what an idiot he would look like and stepping down…..

    Let him represent himself and see how smart he is…..what a dumb no brain asshole is what I reckon.

  • It’s better to publish the identities of the police preparing the file. 3 months is sufficient time to complete the file. Promote officers if the culprit is convicted. Demote or suspend officers if files are incomplete or if the case gets thrown out.

    We understand it’s Bosip’s constitutional right to have legal representation. But the public is also very interested to know who would be this heartless money hungry lawyer trying to free this culprit out into freedom again to torture and murder another innocent girl again.
    Why weren’t other charges labelled against Kaiwi at first? Assault for assaulting the baby sitter. Sexual penetration charge against him as Jenelyne was under age at that time because the legal age of consent is 18. Depreciation of liberty or denying her freedom too is a crime. How come he was only charged for wilful murder and files are not yet ready?? This is very annoying.

  • I fear, this case could most likely be thrown out if the police officer handling this case and the witnesses are bribed. Therefore the name of the police officer who is handling this case must be published for the interest of the public who have been following this case from day one. We are all crying and waiting to see justice being served on Kaiwi.

  • It is now up to police Minister and commissioner to put pressure on those who involve in this investigation.
    We want updates from Mininster and commissioner.No more excuses.

  • Urge to the families of late Jenelyn, keep on pushing for this defendant to serve his justice. The law has long hands and money has power, who wins? Your continuous effort on this case will determine who wins.

    His a nobody without money.His a looser without money.

  • Police will do their investigation n write up well to ensure Mr. Kaiwi ends up in prison for murder.
    The commanding officer responsible for Crimes Unit has to hold officers accountable, ensuring that each GBV case in particular is throughly followed through n mark each report in % – 50% complete. By next week, 80% complete… And ensure all files have been checked n good to go.
    Please there must be supervision to ensure job well done.

  • Bosip Kaiwi is becoming a celebrity by appearing on the News paper every week. He is treated fairly and a high number of Police do escorts. That’s how celebrities are treated.


    Waigani Committal Court Magistrate Tracy Ganaii allowed the adjournment after Police Prosecutor Chief Sgt Polon Koniu said there was no instruction from the informant in relation to the police hand-up brief.



  • This is total insanity in the part of the RPNGC Investigation Teams to say that the files are yet to be completed which consequently had this case adjourned to September for further mention. Another delay tactic and this serious case is deemed to prolong.

  • Police Minister Kramer & Police Commissioner Manning, your silence in the discharge of duties by your officers is deafening. Has this cockroach got you in his pockets as well?

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