Kalinoe to handle discipline at Justice

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THE Department of Justice’s disciplinary committee is to be scrapped and all such matters will be handled personally by newly-appointed secretary for Attorney-General Dr Lawrence Kalinoe.
“I will personally take charge of all disciplinary matters, from preparing charges to punishment,” he said in a statement at a handover-takeover ceremony at the department last Wednesday.
“I shall not waver on discipline and it will be administered in consultation with the branch or divisional heads,” he said.
Dr Kalinoe was promoted to secretary for Justice on Dec 9 prior to his appointment as secretary for the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission in 2006.
He is a qualified lawyer with national and international standing on academy of law, has held key posts and has varied experiences in the legal system in PNG.
Dr Kalinoe is also the author of several books on law and justice in PNG and has participated both nationally and internationally in the legal arena.
“I shall ensure, at all times, to be a good steward of business and affairs of the department,” he said, adding that there were certain values and virtues that he shall be promoting.
Dr Kalinoe said he would be visiting various branches and divisions as soon as he was ready.