Kama: I stepped aside for the sake of Kilau-Karamui road

Geoffrey Kama

OUTGOING Minister for Labour and Employment Geoffery Kama says he voluntarily stepped aside on the understanding that the Government will complete the Kilau-Karamui road construction.
He said Prime Minister James Marape had promised that the road in the Karamui-Nomane electorate would be completed.
He said Marape made the promise on three separate occasions.
“The PM announced that he would ensure that the Karamui road will be done.
“It was included in the PM’s maiden speech, the supplementary budget, and he said it again during the Connect PNG 2020,” he said.
Kama told The National he wanted to be compensated for the Karamui road construction.
“I gave my time for Marape to be where he is right now.
“So if no one is willing to step down, I am willing to step down,” he said.
“I took care of the Dulai-Kubri road and because of his continued promises for the Kilau-Karamui road, I voluntarily stood down as minister.”
In announcing a Cabinet reshuffle yesterday, Marape thanked Kama and Emil Tammur who was the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Arts.
“The two ministers decommissioned have been consulted and graciously offered to step down to concentrate on their electoral duties,” he said.
“I thank them for their service to the Government.”


  • Stop passing the buck Mr.Kama. You were stood sown because you were not performing to expectation. Now you’re giving all sorts of excuses for being decommissioned as a cabinet minister. Don’t be so petty. Face up to reality. You don’t have it in you to be given any ministerial responsibilities.

  • No jealousy talk or negative connotation what so ever, mates!! I see that Geoffrey Kama is a man of integrity and he has shown his maturity and leadership by willingly stepped down for the sake of development to his electorate. He read between lines to made a decision whether to retain his Ministerial position or forgone to compensate for building road networks for his electorate to ensure the people of Nomane Karamui get better service delivered through road linkage, which is fundamental and priority for other changes/development to fall inline. A big salute for you Hon. Mr. Kama.

  • Josef you are right. PM JM has already made it clear that those members given ministerial portfolios and have failed to perform as expected will be removed. Maski lo givim eskius taim yu nogat save long wokim wok.

  • Money can make anything possible,easy and differences but without knowledge and wisdom you money become useless,,,a country can not move forward with the money but with knowledge and wisdom you can use the money to move the country forward….lets just dream and predicts how Karamui-Nomane road linkages eventuates in reality…

  • MP GK tok pisin tu ya, giaman tu iorait. Must have been given some thing lucrative under the table to let go go the Portfolio, na just to coverup on top to everyone and his people of Karimui Nomane.

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