Kanage is a true and harmless comedian

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday, June 7th 2011

I REFER to several letters to the editor criticising Kanage on his appearance in various Lae Biscuit’s advertisements to promote its Snax biscuits.
Kanage is a gifted, humble and friendly person who uses his talent to humour and bring laughter and fun.
He does not harm, destroy or kill anyone.
Kanage is loved by both children and adults. He is like a movie star in Papua New Guinea.
People follow him around just to see his smiling face and his funny acts and listen to his jokes.
His buai-stained teeth and lips reflect the simple life of a true Papua New Guinean and he does not mean any harm when he wears women’s underwear.
He pokes fun at everyone, including himself, by doing that.
He is a true comedian.
So why make it a big issue about Kanage and his talent?
He is fortunate to be associated with one of the leading biscuit manufacturers in the country and he has made a name for himself and Snax.
He is loved by the grassroots and his acts do not in any way harm the consumers that enjoy Snax biscuits.
Kanage will always be the original and true Papua New Guinean and a star in his own right.
Go Kanage.

Eye of the Tiger