Kandakasi dies of heart failure

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THE long time general-secretary of the Amalgamated General Workers Union of PNG, Andrew Kandakasi, passed away at the Port Moresby General Hospital on Monday after a sudden heart failure.
He felt unwell earlier that day and was rushed to the hospital by his family but was pronounced dead at around 11pm.
His body was later taken to the funeral home. According to his relative, Mr Kandakasi, who was in his late 50s, suffered a long illness over the last two years.
“He’d been sick and was fighting for his life for two solid years and travelled overseas for medications but didn’t improve.
“He’d been to all the private hospitals in the city thinking that they might help and cure him but didn’t make it through,” one of his relative said.
This made him hardly move sometimes and  caused him seeing difficulties. 
He was known for his commitment in supporting and being a voice for the lowly-paid and under-privileged workers around the country.
He had helped many workers throughout the country by voicing their grievances.
He was survived by his wife, Brenda, daughter Petronella and sons Sakias and Bentim.
They were from Laiagam in the Enga province.
Mr Kandakasi’s untimely death was a shock to his family, friends, relatives and colleagues throughout the country and abroad.
Relatives were mourning his death at the Three-Mile home of younger brother, Justice Ambeng Kandakasi.
His body will be flown to his village for burial over the weekend.