Kandep chaotic

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The National, Friday 31st August 2012

MORE than 30 police personnel from Wabag have been deployed to Kandep, Enga, to prevent further killings and destruction caused to properties by supporters of election candidates.
The fights in Kandep were among the supporters who attacked each other straight after the declaration of Don Polye, according to provincial police commander Supt Martin Lakari.
Lakari said yesterday the policemen were deployed into the affected
area last week to protect lives and property.
“This fight between supporters has been going on since the declaration (of the winner of the electorate), but I cannot give the exact figure of those who have died and property damaged, including domestic animals which were killed.
“I need to receive a full report on the matter and decide on what is the next step to take to completely stop the fight.”
Lakari said police officers deployed a week ago were carrying out awareness and educating the people to lay
Lakari said peace negotiations were progressing well and hoped to see a change happen soon.
“Apart from property, food crops are also affected and I do not know what people are eating to survive.
“I condemn this fight as there are no good reasons for people to take on each other,” he said.
“Tribal fights do not bring anything good.
“I don’t know why they are taking this as a game to attack each other.”
He said the only way to live a peaceful life was to do away with tribal fights.
“No one can claim that his tribe or clan has
“Both sides will suffer destruction and loss of lives,” Lakari said.