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CHIEF Migration Officer Solomon Kantha was locked out of his office at the Central Government Building in Waigani yesterday – and no one has formally explained to him why.
“This morning (yesterday) when I came to the office, I found myself locked out,” he said.
“I then found out that there was an acting Chief Immigration Officer (Robert Kennedy) who had advised the building management to change the access code to my office.”
Kennedy could not be reached for a comment yesterday.
His phone kept ringing out.
Immigration and Border Security Minister Westley Nukundj was out of the country.
The National was also directed to his first secretary Thomas Nori who did not answer his phone.
Kantha turned up to work at about 9am and found out he could not access his office.
He was later allowed in by the building management, closely watched by senior immigration officers, he said.
Kantha then packed his personal belongings and left the office at around noon.
It is understood that Kantha was locked out after the National Executive Council (NEC) revoked his appointment on Friday.
It had been advised that Kantha’s appointment on Nov 26, 2017 was wrong.
Kantha said yesterday if that was the case, then someone such as the minister or the NEC should have informed him formally.
“This is very disappointing in the sense that I was not formally served a notice by my minister, the NEC or the Department of Personnel Management that I have been either suspended or revoked,” he said.
“This is clearly an abuse of authority.
“I’m disappointed that the NEC had made a decision in breach of the public service process in terms of making an acting appointment.
“As it stands, I believe that I’m still the chief migration officer until such time I receive a notice (that I have been replaced).”
He is seeking legal advice on the matter.
“There is no basis for my removal.
“There is no performance-based report or any serious allegation level against me,” he said.
“This organisation is the best performing agency in the whole of Government so far.”
He urged the workers to keep on doing their best “because this office is bigger than me or anyone”.


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