Kapavore directs district to ban liquor until Feb


POMIO MP Elias Kapavore has directed the provincial administrator to issue alcohol ban in the district from this month to February.
Reacting to the national budget handed down recently, Kapavore said: “Considering the Government’s decision for parents to pay 50 per cent of school fees from elementary to secondary schools, parents and guardians must be prepared for the change.
“The Government has allocated funds under loan arrangement facility to cater for tertiary students,” Kapavore said.
“This is a new arrangement that will need students’ data to implement.
“The DDA (district development authority) has been supporting our tertiary students with fees subsidies since 2015.
“For now, see how the new arrangement will be implemented.
“If the national government pays 50 per cent school fees from elementary to secondary schools, the DDA can meet the remaining 50 per cent. This is matter for DDA discussion.
“For now, there will be alcohol ban in Pomio from December to February 2020.
“This has been one major causes of poverty and instigators of many negative social issues in the district. Those who indulge in illegal alcohol brewing and illicit drugs will be dealt with by the law enforcing authorities.”