Kapavore doing great for Pomio


I AM compelled to bring to people’s attention a leader whom I read about and follow most times whenever I come across commentaries about him or statements from him.
He deserves respect, support and credit for his efforts and professionalism.
This is someone who has questioned the status quo of the service delivery mechanisms of his province and its processes, giving particular attention to the ineffective and inequitable distribution of the goods and services to his people.
He comes from an electorate that was struggling over the years for equal participation at the feasting table.
Let alone the geographical location of his remote, yet beautiful and rich electorate that has the agricultural, marine and eco-tourism potential to unlock and boost the economy for his people and the province.
Pomio, without a doubt, has proudly produced some of the best brains for East New Britain and Papua New Guinea, which the local MP Elias Kapavore is a living testimony to.
A simple search in the marketplace such as the corporate entities, public service, private businesses, in the academia space and overseas and you will surely find them.
Yet, they all come from this undeveloped and unconnected vast landmass of Pomio.
You can only imagine the struggles they endured to seek a better life.
The leader possesses a strategic mindset with a wealth of his ex-chief executive officer and management experiences from the public sector that provides him the leverage to address issues pertaining to service delivery and improvement to current processes.
He has been very vocal about opening up his electorate and connecting them with the provincial capital by road that should have been done years ago.
This would open up the electorate and provide economic opportunities for his people and to enable them to access the much-needed services, including the improvement of their socio economic status.
His pursuit to making sure there is tangible development for his people is commendable, especially with developments that can engage and empower them to become prosperous with a good quality of life at the rural level.
Lately, his remarks on the level of academic performance for schools in East New Britain compared to the rest of the country is a sad reality.
The level of performance in the province has dropped.
This cannot be ignored.
In his remarks, he questioned how and why this had happened when East New Britain enjoyed some of the best, if not the best environment for schools to thrive in.
But the results have proven otherwise.
This is something for the authorities to figure out and provide solutions to.
Kapavore’s call should be taken heed of and addressed.
His foresight in creating and improving critical infrastructure and utilities, such as roads, bridges, and electricity, communication, airstrips, jetties and banking facilities are the necessary enabling infrastructure that will motivate public servants with the right attitude and commitment to serve his rural people.
He deserves the support for what he’s doing in his capacity as the leader of the Pomio people.

Bitatita Elite,