Kapavore praised


I commend Minister for Public Service Elias Kavapore for making a bold and pragmatic statement on the floor of Parliament regarding the need to enforce the merit-based appointment of department heads, provincial administrators and CEOs of statutory bodies.
His ministry and the department should continue their good work to deal with controversies surrounding the selection of provincial administrators of Eastern Highland, Madang and senior officials in Agriculture and Livestock, Lands and others.
There are allegations in other agencies awaiting action from Kapavore’s ministry and he should attend to those too so there is seen to be fairness in what he is doing.
After all, no one is above the law and no single or team of Cabinet ministers should shield any public office holder from being charged or dismissed from office for deliberately and willfully breaking the law.
The good work of the public service ministry to bring back credibility and confidence in the public administration will not go unnoticed.

Observer, Via email NCD

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