Kapavore tells MPs to consult each other

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Public Service Minister Elias Kapavore, pictured, has called on ministers and governors to consult each other on the appointment of provincial administrators.
Kapavore, when responding to Bougainville Regional MP Joe Lera on the question of too many acting positions and unattached officers in the government system, said due diligence must be complied with in making appointments.
“I encourage consultation and open dialogue between the portfolio ministers and provincial governors to ensure fit and proper persons, with moral values and leadership qualities are recruited as heads of our departments,” he said.
“My department will look into the situation on Bougainville and will work with them.”
Kapavore said acting appointments came about when contract terms expired or position-holders were terminated.
“In the last couple of weeks, I have been kept updated on a weekly basis with regards to the status of departmental heads, the provincial administrators and chief executive officers of the statutory bodies,” he said.
“I’ve instructed my department to put a time frame so that we can make substantive appointments within three months.
“The Government has made a few appointments including that of the East New Britain provincial administrator.”
Kapavore said there were plans to convene ministerial executive appointment committee meetings on a regular basis.
The committee is chaired by Kapavore with other members being Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel, National Planning Minister Richard Maru and Justice Minister and Attorney-General Davis Steven.
The Department of Personnel Management will provide secretariat services to the ministerial committee.
Kapavore said his department wanted to avoid court cases relating to appointments as had happened in the past.

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