Kapris’ accomplice captured

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WILLIAM Nanua Kapris’  alleged right hand man and accomplice during all the BSP robberies, Roger Bai Nimbituo, 31, from Tambunum village in Angoram, East Sepik province, was caught by police in the early hours of yesterday morning at Horse camp settlement at Kaugere in the NCD.
Nimbituo was in the home of one of his two wives when police moved in on him after a tip-off.
Nimbituo was earlier sentenced in 2004 for armed robbery and other crimes.
He was apparently recruited by Kapris in 2005 while out on parole.
Police said he teamed up with Kapris and co-executed the bank robberies which included Kerema, Madang and the attempted robbery of the Kimbe BSP branch.
Police said he is alleged to have masterminded the Microfinance Bank robbery at Koki in NCD some years back.
Police said Nimbituo was alleged to have held a family hostage in their home at Rainbow in Gerehu demanding ransom.
He has been on the run from the law after the BSP robberies while Kapris and others had been caught in 2008.
In announcing Nimbituo’s arrest yesterday, NCD metropolitan police commander Chief Supt Fred Yakasa said during questioning, Nimbituo gave an account of his whereabouts before his arrest.
Supt Yakasa said the suspect was shown a written affidavit and, like Kapris, named various police officers and senior public servants in connection to the string of BSP robberies.
In commenting on revelations by Nimbituo about the involvement of outsiders in the robberies Chief SuptYakasa said it was sad to see those in positions of trust get involved in crime.
He said that amongst the charges that would be laid against Nimbituo were, armed robbery, abduction, deprivation of liberty and  accessory to rape.
Meanwhile, Chief Supt Yakasa called on the Government to ensure there were stricter conditions given to prisoners requesting for parole.
“Nimbituo had only served a little more than a year after being sentenced in 2004 before he was released on a good behaviour bond in 2005, this is unfair on the part of our justice system,” he said.
 He said that suspects on the run have no where to hide as police were closing in on them.