Kapris’ escape aided by officers

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The National, Thursday 16th May 2013

 THE escape of nank robber William Kapris and two other hardcore criminals from Bomana jail outside Port Moresby was aided by Correctional Service officers, Parliament was told.

Correctional Services Minister Jim Simatab said there was a total breakdown of control and command among the disciplined force leading to several jail breakouts in the country. He was responding to questions from Chmbu Governor Noah Kool in Parliament yesterday.

However, he assured the nation that the combined disciplined forces would do everything possible to recapture the three and other prisoners on the run. 

He said this year alone recorded the higher breakout with more than 96 prisoners breaking out of prisons.

Simatab said that on March 22, 44 inmates including rapist “Black Jesus”escaped from Madang’s Beon jail.

Three weeks later on April 14, another 59 escaped from the Buimo jail in Lae.

He said so far only nine had been recaptured and another two were shot dead.

He said these breakouts were done in broad daylight and we aided by prison officers as a result of total breakdown of control and command in the force.

Simatab said that on Monday, CS officers aided the escape of three notorious criminals serving sentences for serious criminal offences ranging from armed holdups, robberies, rape and murder.

 “There has been a total breakdown in control and command and the lack of vigilance of duty and wide spread complacency with wealthy prisoners. 

“If these are not addressed, it will be really bad for the country’s internal security as very high-risk prisoners are on the run and they’re capable of anything,” he said.

He said all CS structures were very weak and needed immediate attention.

He said according to preliminary reports, the three escapees from Bomana were dangerous and carried three pistols, aided by CS officers.

Kapris was sentenced to 30 years for armed robbery while he faced another charges for armed robbery, rape and murder.

He said Raphael Walimini and Michael Warangu were serving three life sentences for wilful murder and armed robbery and wilful murder respectively.