Kapris’ relatives get lawyer to sue State

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The National, Tuesday November 5th, 2013


THE relatives of the late William Nanua Kapris, through Human Rights lawyer Danny Gonol, have issued a notice to sue the State.

Gonol stated in a letter dated Oct 30 to the Attorney-General that his law firm had received instructions to act for the late Kapris.

The letter said that at the outset they did not condone the criminal acts of the late notorious and most wanted criminal (Kapris) and his accomplices who caused a lot of headaches for law enforcement agencies and other private and corporate citizens of the country, as human rights lawyer he questioned the manner in which his life was taken.

Kapris and an accomplice Raphael Walimini were shot dead by police at Camp 48, Gabadi near Doa plantation, in Central, on July 22.

Gonol is representing the elder brother of William Kapris, Brian, and the latter’s wife.

They had approached the law firm to give notice of their intention to sue the State.

The letter stated that according to the instruction received, Kapris and Walimini, in the company of others, were taken to the road side and shot on the legs and thighs.