Kapris ‘secret’ visits

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POLICE and Correctional Service officers are angered by what they term as “secret visits” by a number of prominent people to the Bomana maximum security jail, where PNG’s most wanted man William Nanua Kapris is being held.
Kapris and 11 others escaped from the jail on Jan 12. Since then, four have been recaptured, including Kapris.
The latest was James Pari, who was recaptured last Friday while drinking beer at 6-Mile settlement.
Pari was enjoying a beer last Friday afternoon at the 6-Mile dump settlement when police officers pounced on him.
He was shot at both his feet.
The recapture of Pari comes after John Siko Wel was caught by police in Gerehu last Thursday.
Pari was driven to the 6-Mile police station for questioning but had to be later rushed to the Port Moresby General Hospital accidents and emergency ward for medical attention to the gunshot wounds sustained in his recapture.
Pari is a serial rapist who was jailed for the rape and murder of a woman pilot in Lae some years back.
Metropolitan commander Chief Supt Fred Yakasa thanked police officers for their efforts.
He was happy with the recent operations and the coordinated efforts by police and the public to recapture the escapees.
Both Pari and Siko Wel are still in hospital nursing their wounds and under heavy police guard.
But all these efforts are being undermined by what the police and Correctional officers see as “interference” by the high profile visitors who have “breached protocol” and visited a prisoner who is still the subject of a police investigation. Police are trying to establish how and why Kapris and the others escaped, who was involved in the escape, and whether other people in the community had an interest in Kapris escaping from jail.
Police and Bomana prison sources said since Kapris returned to the maximum security jail, he was visited by Attorney-General Dr Allan Marat and former police commissioner Peter Aigilo last Sunday.
Police Commissioner Gari Baki was to pay him a visit last Wednesday, but cancelled it.
Even acting Correctional Services Commissioner Henry Wavik visited the prisoner on at least three occasions since his (Kapris) return, without following “protocol”.
The normal protocol would be for the Bomana jail commander, the regional director – Southern region jails, and acting deputy commissioner to be informed of a visit.
“A breach of protocol led to the escape on Jan 12, and prison guards are very suspicious when visitors go in unannounced,” a Bomana source said.
Kapris has claimed in court that his case has links to politicians, a claim that has raised eyebrows.
He is alleged to have given names of four politicians to police investigators soon after his arrest.
His transfer to the Bomana prison the day he was caught angered Boroko police investigators, who were trying to compile his statement.