Kapris aide nabbed

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The National, Friday 7th June 2013


POLICE have arrested a man they believed to have delivered two pistols to the Bomana prison which helped William Kapris and two others escape last month.

National Capital District/Central divisional police commander Jim Andrews said they arrested the man on Tuesday afternoon and were questioning him.

“From our intelligence, we are confident that the person is the one who went to Bomana and gave the two pistols to the nurse, which she later handed over to Kapris and his accomplices before their escape,” Andrews said.

“We are trying at the moment to establish his connection with the escape of convicts William Kapris, Raphael Walimini and Michael Warangu who was later found dead.

“We will continue to question him until we establish his connection to the escape before we lay charges.”

He said police hoped to establish the whereabouts of Kapris and Walimini.

Andrews said he is confident that police detectives will get positive results from the progress they are making so far.