Kapris: I am sorry

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PRISON escapee and bank robbery suspect William Nanua Kapris said sorry yesterday about his deeds, and said he wanted to serve his time in jail and become a good citizen again.
The alleged mastermind of the 2008 bank robberies appeared in court yesterday in Boroko before Magistrate Danny Wakikura.
He and 11 others escaped from the Bomana maximum security facility on Jan 12. He was caught three weeks later in a motel in the city. He had a gun in his possession at the time.
Kapris was sentenced to four months imprisonment and fined K1,000 for being in possession of an unregistered firearm.
Before sentencing him, Magistrate Wakikura asked him why he did not appear in court in the last two days. “Askim ol CIS lo explain why mi no bin apia, bihain ol kalabusim mi, ol i lokim mi na mi nogat idea wanem taim lo kam lo kot” (ask the CS to explain the reason why I did not appear. After I was captured, they locked me away and I had no idea when to come to court),” Kapris said.
Kapris was convicted of this offence after he pleaded guilty on Feb 10.
Mr Wakikura told him he had four months to pay the fine, or four months would be added to his time.
Police prosecutors informed the court that Kapris’ existing sentences included a sentence on Jan 29, 1997, of four months for escaping; a Nov 3, 1997, sentence for 15 years for two rape charges; a sentence on May 4, 1998, of 20 years (concurrent) for attempted murder; a sentence for four weeks hard labour for assault on May 29, 1998; a three-month sentence on Feb 1, 1999, for escaping from lawful custody; a 12-month sentence on Oct 5, 2000, for unlawful assault; and a three-month sentence on March 26, 2004, for escaping.
All that adds up to about 16 years for Kapris because of the concurrent nature of most of the sentences. This does not include the alleged crimes he is still to face trial for, including the robberies and the Jan 12 escape from Bomana.
Kapris spoke out when Magistrate Wakikura asked if he had anything to say to the court.
“Olsem mi bin tok pinis, kes blo mi gat politics involve; mi holim displa firearm lo protektim mi yet; mi nogat tingting lo bagarapim public; mi askim marimari blo kot so mi ken servim stret taim blo mi.
“Givim seken sans long mi so mi ken senis; mi ken pinisim taim blo mi lo kalabus na kamap gutpla citizen blo kantri.
“Mi tok sori. Mi save mi rong. Mi tok sori lo kot na sori lo pablik tu. Em tasol, tenkyu
(Like I stated previously, politics is involved in my case; I kept the firearm to protect myself; I had no intention of harming any member of the public. I ask for the mercy of the court so that I can serve my time. I ask for a second chance, to change, so that I can finish my term and become a good citizen of this country; I am sorry; I know I have done wrong. I say sorry to this court and to the public. That is all, thank you).
Media personnel reporting the court proceedings were not allowed to interview Kapris.
On the charge of escaping from lawful custody, the matter would be indicted by the public prosecutors on April 8.
The firearm Kapris had is to be tendered in court on March 22 and will be destroyed within 30 days if no one steps forward to claim it.