Kapris on the run

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The National, Wednesday 15th May 2013


BANK robber William Nanua Kapris escaped with two others from the maximum security cells in Bomana Prison outside Port Moresby yesterday, according to police.

National Capital District-Central Assistant Police Commissioner Jim Andrews said the three high-risk prisoners were armed with a pistol each and had a mobile phone in their possession.

Police and prison officers were deployed about one hour after the 2.30pm breakout to re-capture them. They managed to track them down in the Laloki area near Bomana. 

But the three gave the officers the slip although Andrews said one of them could be injured after being shot by one of the officers.

“One of the prisoners was shot by prison guards but escaped,” Andrews said.

He said the prisoners had headed towards Laloki after they made their way out of the prison gate. 

“They are probably heading towards Sogeri in the Central province,” he said yesterday afternoon.

The other two inmates who escaped with Kapris are Raphael Walimini and Michael Warangu.

Andrews said the trio was dangerous and urged members of the public to help police re-capture them.

Andrews warned that anyone caught harbouring the escapees would be dealt with by the law.

He added that Kapris was serving a 30-year jail term for the Bank South Pacific robbery in Madang plus other crimes such as the theft of gold bars in Port Moresby.

No comments could be obtained from Correctional Services Commissioner Martin Balthazar yesterday on how the three men could have escaped from the prison’s maximum security cells. 

But a senior prison officer at Bomana said Kapris had walked out of the prison’s main gate with Walimini and Warangu at around 2.30pm.

Andrews said Kapris was also implicated in the Kerema BSP Bank robbery in 2008. 

All three are facing murder charges in relation to the death of fellow prisoner Shane Aitsi of Kairuku, Central, inside Bomana prison on Jan 25 this year.

The cases are pending in the National Court in Port Moresby.

Andrews said Kapris had a track record of escaping from lawful custody.

The senior prison officer said Kapris “is causing a lot of pain for the country. Our law enforcement is falling apart”.