Kapris tells all

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SUSPECTED bank robbery mastermind and recaptured escapee, William Nanua Kapris, has apparently “spilled the beans” on his escape from Bomana jail, and named the people behind his escape.
Police sources told The National yesterday that Kapris spent several hours with police investigators at Boroko, telling them everything about the escape: who planned it, why he was sprung, and why he was armed at the time of his arrest last Saturday.
Police investigators had planned to keep Kapris overnight at the Boroko police station so they could complete their interview and record his statement in full, but they were directed to move Kapris back to the Bomana prison’s maximum security unit, from where he had escaped on Jan 12.
“We are disappointed that we could not complete the interview and have him sign a statement before he was moved to Bomana,” a policeman involved in the questioning of Kapris said.
Kapris appeared in the Boroko District Court on Tuesday, and pleaded guilty to a charge of illegally being in possession of a firearm.
But he told the court that “politics was involved” in his case and he was armed for self-defence. He was going to say more when magistrate Danny Wakikura interrupted him, and told him he could make his statement during trial.
Kapris was convicted of the firearm charge, but will be sentenced later.
He is yet to appear on the charge of escaping from lawful custody.
Yesterday, Police Commissioner Gari Baki was supposed to have gone to the Bomana prison to meet with and talk to Kapris, but this did not eventuate.
While the purpose of the meeting between Mr Baki and Kapris is unknown, sources said Mr Baki had written a letter of request on Tuesday to visit Kapris, which was granted by acting Correctional Services Commissioner Henry Wavik.
But the meeting was called off at the last minute.
When contacted yesterday afternoon, Mr Baki confirmed that he had requested (through a letter) the office of the CS commissioner to have a meeting with Kapris.
Mr Baki said he later aborted “the visit” when he did not receive a formal letter of approval from the CS commissioner’s office yesterday.
Mr Baki also would not comment on what the purpose of the meeting with Kapris was.
When Mr Wavik was contacted late yesterday afternoon for comments, he said to “call me back tomorrow (today)”.
Meanwhile, efforts to bring in the 10 escapees still on the run are continuing. Based on a tip-off, a team of policemen raided a house in a settlement, but no escapees were there.
They had been informed that six escapees and the “attractive female human rights lawyer” were housed there, but the raid turned up nothing.
It is believed that they slipped away before the team arrived.