Kapris, Walimini urged to surrender

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 4th June 2013

 POLICE have appealed to prision escapees William Kapris and Raphael Walimini to surrender after a bounty was offered for their re-capture.

National Capital District/Central divisional commander Jim Andrews has volunteered to personally escort them back to Bomana prison so that they are not harmed.

“I am appealing to the two men to surrender themselves either to me, or to a notable pastor or citizen, so that I will bring them back to Bomana without any harm to them,” Andrews said.

“I assure them that no harm will be done to them by police and they should come forward because it’s no use running away from authorities.

“Even though they have committed crimes, let the law deal with them accordingly. 

“I’m assuring and guaranteeing them not to be afraid but turn themselves in my office and I will bring the both of them back to Bomana.”

Correctional Service Commissioner Martin Balthazar confirmed a bounty for their recapture has been offered.

“The CS is offering K10,000 for William Kapris and K5,000 for Raphael Walimini,” he said.

He however said members of the public were not coming forward with information to help them track down the two men.

Police and prison officers were conducting a joint operation to recapture the two men.