Karate school holds grading

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KYOKUSHION Karate ended the year with the grading of six of their students on Saturday at their Garden City, Port Moresby headquarters.
The grading, the first since moving house to their current location, with a whole new group of students, was hailed by Sensei Walter Schnaubelt, as an impressive new beginning for the Kyokushion art.
“I was quite impressed with the ability and understanding of the group today,” Schnaubelt said.
“At this early stage, the direction, general coordination and application of technique have been impressive. Perfecting and fine tuning these techniques will come as they advance to the next level, but I am happy.”
The students had to go through a grading process, with flexibility in the warm-up followed by a basic technique exhibition for general coordination in the lower and upper body.
In the next stages, students went through the ‘kata’, a set pattern, judged by general understanding of combinations, and direction, through to stamina and then ended with some ‘kumite’, body contact amongst the students.
Schnaubelt, who marked the students, awarded credit to instructor and black belt, Sempai Samson Bon Roy, for the groups’ performance, with the six chosen, from a field of 40, after showing potential to enhance to the next level.
The students Alex Gule, John Wambe, Poson Obed, Christopher Benny, Adamson Winis, and Bernard Sinai will now await their results, which will be presented at the beginning of next year.
The results will determine whether they advance to the next level, the junior blue belt level, or further according to their performances.
Kyokushion Karate Port Moresby, the only sanctioned International Kyokushion Organisation in the country, will now go into their festive season break, before reopening on Jan 18, with next year’s first grading set for March.
Schnaubelt also invited interested students to join in with membership fees of K600 a year and K6 per session for casual students.