Karate team off to Aust

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The National, Friday February 21st, 2014

 THE Papua New Guinea Karate-do Federation (PNGKF) will be sending 11 of its 62-member train-on squad to participate at the Melbourne International Karate Championships this weekend.  

The fighters are Sarah Ande (senior kumite 61kg and kata), Violet Wangihau (senior Kumite 61kg), Joancherry Revui (junior kumite 54kg and kata); Gantianna Joseph (junior kumite 54kg) and Crystal Mari (cadet division 54kg and kata);  Junior Billy (senior kumite 60kg), Cosmas Saliawali (senior kumite 60kg and kata), Nigel Bana (senior kumite 61kg and kata), Atomu Amani Jr (senior kumite 75kg), Sailas Piskaut (senior kumite 67kg) and Leonard Geriadi (senior kumite 75kg and kata).  

The selected athletes participated in the weekend training camp run by mentor and coach Sensei Trevor Roberts on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14) in Port Moresby training.  

Sensei Trevor travels with the team to Melbourne. The team left today at 8am and returns on Tuesday.