Karimui-Nomane needs good roads

Highlands, Normal

The National – Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Good road and access to markets are major concerns for people in the Karamui area of the Karamui-Nomane district in Chimbu.
It is understood that Karimui was made up of rich volcanic soil and has a variety of food crops that are commonly grown in coastal areas, however, the main problem was how to deliver the food crops to a market.
According to Karimui-Nomane MP Posi Menai, K20 million had been allocated in the 2009 budget for road projects in the area and contracts were given to two local construction companies to link Karimui by road through Gumine to Kundiawa.
He revealed that Sky Development was working from Gumine, upgrading existing roads going towards Karamui while Oasis Ltd was taking care of the road from Karimui to Gumine.
He added that bushes had already been cleared.
However, they were still waiting for equipment to start work, adding that the road from the Karimui station to the Tua River stretches 33km.
It is understood that the people of Karimui had ventured into growing food such as sago, coconut, betelnut, mango, peanut, rice and assorted spices which could generate income and access to proper roads. 
“I understand that the cost of flying fresh produce to the market is very expensive and I will make sure the people of Karimui do have access to good roads,” Menai said.
He urged the people to have patience in bringing their fresh produce to the markets, adding the construction of proper road was underway and soon all would benefit.