Karimui school teachers yet to start

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The National- Thursday, February 10, 2011


WHILE all schools in PNG have resumed classes for the 2011 school year, schools in Karamui, in the Salt Nomane-Karamui district, Chimbu, have not started yet.

It is understood that most schools within the district have not started classes for this school year because there are not that many teachers in the area.

According to Salt Nomane-Karamui MP Posi Menai some teachers have yet to fly into Karamui, adding that the only way in was by plane and they would have to wait until next week.

“Some teachers flew into Karamui early this week and others will do so next week when flights to Karamui resume,” he said.

It is understood that Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) flights to Karamui go once a week, therefore teachers will have to wait until early next week.

He told The National that he had been informed that some teachers are already in Karamui, however, they would have to wait for all teachers to arrive at the district before proper classes could resume.

Menai said the division of education in Chimbu had already given K100,000 to MAF to transport teachers, who are on holidays, back to Karamui, adding that the funding will also cover the other three terms in the year.

“I have been approached for counter funding and will help, however, I still need the number of teachers who will be in the district this year so I can work out the exact amount to fund,” he said.

He is confident classes will start next week, adding that as the MP responsible he would use all his resources and made sure all was back to normal.

“The development of human resource is important in Chimbu, therefore teachers are the backbone and they are needed to drive this,” he said.

It is understood that Menai had allocated K200,000 last year to fund travel for teachers and health workers in Karamui.