Karo clears air on exclusive promo rights

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THE 4th PNG Games events manageress Mary Karo has spelled out the reasons behind co-hosts Central provincial government not given an exclusive promotion of their provincial logo on the event’s logos and billboards.
Karo clarified that the provincial government had come up with an agreement with the Host Organising Committee early this year to co-host the event in Port Moresby which would help in marketing the billboards and banners.
It was also agreed that the provincial government pay their contribution of K150,000.
However, the money was never paid until Nov 8.
Karo said the HOC went ahead with plans and other parts of the preparations, despite not receiving co-funding from the provincial government and HOC was left out in the dark on whether it would be joining up with National Capital Commission to host the event.
“If only the provincial government gave their share of the contribution, they should be carrying out their promotions on the billboards and other items during the games,” she said.
She added the provincial government would also make their position clear on their roles and responsibilities and should be working in consultation with the HOC.
“I took up office on Aug 3 as the PNG Games events manageress for the 4th PNG Games. According to my understanding the representatives from the provincial government did not properly inform  their governor and the administrator on the plans and other agendas that were been discussed during the HOC’s meetings,” Karo said.
She explained that they kept themselves away from the meetings.
Karo added that the governor also did not attend at least one of the meetings either to make the provincial government’s stand clear.
She added this would have helped the HOC to organise orders for promotional logos for the games on time and in advance.