Kas calls for inquiry

National, Normal

The National, Monday December 16th, 2013

 MADANG Governor Jim Kas wants an investigation into the province’s finances after revelations of abuse of the Public Finance Management Act by public servants.

In a letter to Finance secretary Dr Ken Ngangan, Kas pointed out that regular transfer of funds was being done from one programme to another, ignoring due processes. 

He said it resulted in many planned programmes by section heads not being fully implemented for the year.

“It is inexcusable for someone of their experience, profession and seniority to have allowed these practices to occur,” he said.

“They should know very well their responsibilities to uphold the PFMA in making the right decision.”

The discovery of a single illegal expenditure vote last month, which was not in the 2013 Madang Provincial Government Budget Estimate, led to the discovery of six other illegal votes being created.

From the vote, a spending of almost K1.2 million was discovered, with most of it not related to direct service delivery to either the district or province.

The other illegal six votes created in the provincial budget amounted to K1,110,731.

The other allegation is the abuse of the Trust Fund Suspense account which is supposed to be used to pay court bails, maintenance or child support and compensation.