Kas sounds warning

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The National, Wednesday 19th of February, 2014

MADANG Governor Jim Kas has warned the province’s leaders and citizens not to allow themselves to be fooled by political opportunists who are trying to discredit him.
Kas said this after rumours of vote of no confidence on provincial leaders orchestrated by the provincial leaders including MPs John Hickey (Bogia) and James Gau (Rai Coast).
He warned that political opportunists, who would do anything to wrestle power, were out to discredit him on problems that existed way before he was elected as the governor.
Kas said there were issues to be addressed and he had nothing to hide.
“Since elected in 2012, there are some issues I have been working tirelessly onaddressing,” he said.
“Because they are long-standing issues, they will not be solved overnight.”
Kas said the leaders orchestrating the issues had much to answer.
“MessrsHickey and Gau were in office prior to my election in 2012 and the issues they are using to discredit me existed when they were in office.
“I find it totally absurd and irresponsible for leaders who do not have the guts to fix the problems.Instead they find it convenient to blame me.
“They failed in their bid to get the deputy prime minister and minister for inter-government relations Leo Dion to suspend the provincial government last week in parliament.
“Now they want to use the provincial assembly members to move a vote-of-no-confidence against me.
“I urge all local level government presidents to seriously ask, in whose interest are these individuals creating political instability, uncertainty and confusion?”
He said Madang people should know the real motives of the possible political instability and confusion instead of being fooled.
Kassaid issues such on health, education, roads, water supply, lands services, Manam islanders’ relocation, and the public service had compounded over the years.
He said Hickey was the province’s longest serving member who should be well-versed with the plight of the Madang people.
Kas said the national government department were responsible for the delays in implementing work relating to the Pacific Maritime Industrial Zone.
He said all public service related problems were not restricted to Madang but were nationwide.
“Many political leaders are continuously finding ways to improve morale, job performance and service delivery in the public service sector.”
Kas said those who were conspiring for his dismissal were doing it for their self-interests and greed driven by parochial interests.