Kase: Angau work will take time

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The National, Tuesday November 5th, 2013

 HEALTH Secretary Pascoe Kase says it may take up to two years before the much-publicised Australian assistance to the rundown Angau Memorial Hospital in Lae is implemented.

And he said it would be partly funded by the PNG Government.

He was responding to queries about the progress of work at Angau since Prime Minister Peter O’Neill signed the refugee resettlement deal with Australia.

One of the conditions of that deal is the renovation of the Angau hospital at a cost of 

A$300 million (K742.3 million).

The problems at Angau were epitomised in September during the Black Cat Trail incident. Badly injured porters slept on the floors in the hospital wards. One eventually died from his injuries.

The National Executive Council last month approved urgent  repair and maintenance costing 

K15 million be carried out.

“It’s already in the Angau hospital trust account,” Kase said.

“The money will be used to rehabilitate existing facilities, equipment and staff housing.

“We’re looking at more funding to come in next year to cater for our problems while the new hospital is being planned.”

He said the Government and Australia would contribute 50% each to the hospital.

“That will probably take the next 12 to 18 months.

“A feasibility study will be done,” Kase said.

“That will be followed by the design of the new Angau hospital.

“We’re looking at possibly two years before we see things materialise in terms of construction.”