Kase calls for unity in effort to beat polio

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HEALTH Secretary Pascoe Kase, pictured, is appealing to every citizen to make it their concern and contribute meaningfully towards the campaign against polio.
He made the appeal on Tuesday when launching the campaign in Enga at Wabag town, highlighting the importance of cooperation and teamwork to make more impact in the fight against the spread of the disease.
Kase urged businesshouses, non-governmental organisations and the general public in Enga to assist and support the campaign.
He also appealed to the parents to make it their responsibility to protect their children by taking them to the health centre
and clinics for checks and treatments.
“Be responsible and forget your habit of gambling or wandering around doing nothing,” Kase said.
“Don’t be scared, listen to the advice given by health workers and complete all three phases of the vaccination process.”
The same appeal was raised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Unicef representatives in the country.
Unicef country representative David Mcloughlin urged the Enga people to work towards fighting polio.
He emphasised that parents would face the consequences if they failed their children today.
“How will you explain to your children when they have paralysis from polio?” he asked.
“When they ask you, Ma or Papa, what happened to me?
“What will be your explanation? How are you going to tell them why you did not bring them to the clinics or health centres to be vaccinated?
“We have come here to be with you to make sure that we love and protect our children.
“If you love your children and care for them, then take them to the clinic and let them get vaccinated.”
Dr Luo Dapeng, from the World Health Organisation, also argued parents, guardians, community leaders, church leaders and health workers to take part to help contain the virus.

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