Kase: Plan finalised

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The National, Monday February 10th, 2014


A PROCUREMENT plan for medicines has been finalised and a medical supply reform approved by the government for implementation, Health Department Secretary Pascoe Kase says.

Kase, pictured, spoke at a dedication service for the Health Department at the Rev Sioni Kami Memorial Church last week, saying: “2013 has been a good year for the sector with many positive achievements. 

“However, there are still many challenges that we must strive to attend to this year to best serve our people.”

Kase thanked the management and the churches for making the dedication service a success and urged the department’s senior management staff to take the lead with honesty and transparency.

The dedication service, led by Pr Joseph Walters, saw the Health Department committing all its staff, management and stakeholders to the Lord.

Walters commended the department for its initiative and encouraged the staff to commit them as individuals.

“Jesus is knocking at this department’s door and by dedicating your department, you are inviting him in,” he said.

He encouraged the management to take into account the qualities of sound working environment free of corruption.

He said respect, communication and collaboration were key virtues in any successful organisation and urged them display those qualities.