Kauba: Don’t entice cops to play politics

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The National, Tuesday July 16th, 2013

 Acting Police Commissioner and chief of police operations Simon Kauba yesterday appealed to national leaders and businessmen not to induce and entice police personnel to pursue their own agenda.

Kauba made the appeal following reports that policemen from Central were in Madang to arrest Madang policemen over the Usino-Bundi election petition court decision.

“I have issued instructions to the Mamose divisional commander to have those policemen from Central arrested and detained until we find out how, why and on whose authority they are in Madang,” Kauba said.

“As far as I know, the courts have ordered a recount. 

“There are no orders in place for other actions, nor have I issued any instructions on this case. 

“I have contacted the Central provincial police commander and he has denied sending his officers on any official duty to Madang.

“As with the case in Gulf recently, proper procedures must be observed by all complainants. 

“Failure to secure the proper authorisation and vetting of any investigations can result in severe action being taken against the policemen in question as well as their sponsors.”