Kauba: Employ God-fearing citizens

National, Normal

The National, Friday October 18th, 2013

 THE recent K6.3 million heist and a spate of other robberies can be stopped if employers hire only God-fearing citizens, chief of police operations Simon Kauba says.

Deputy Police Commission Kauba said there was a trend of insiders divulging information on the movement of large sums of money and colluding with criminals to rob banks and businesses.

“Such crimes can be minimised or prevented if precautions and preventive measures are taken by banks and business houses,” he said.

Kauba said the police national crime record office had a database containing information and records of citizens who had broken the law.

“These offenders will not be issued police clearance certificates because they have criminal records,” he said.

He said the police clearance certificates were used by citizens when applying for jobs. 

“Employers should look beyond these qualities and ensure only devout God-fearing Christians are employed in positions of authority and trust.

“A police clearance certificate will help identify a person’s character. But people who uphold Christian principles should be employed and more importantly remunerated adequately so they can remain loyal in their jobs.”

He encouraged banks and business houses to advise police on the transfer of cash so that they are provided escort between the pickup point and banks.

“Police have received some vital information regarding the K6 million robbery and are working around the clock to arrest the thieves.”

He encouraged members of the public to assist police with information by contacting the armed robbery squad at Boroko police station on phone number 3244 200