Kauba: More personnel to be deployed in Jiwaka

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The National, Wednesday July 4th, 2012

MORE security personnel will be deployed to the Jimi and Banz areas today for polling in Jiwaka province, deputy police commissioner operation Simon Kauba said.
Kauba said because of the problem of missing names on the common roll, he expected problems in the two areas.
He said almost half of the security personnel deployed in Western Highlands province on Monday had been moved to Jiwaka.
He said the initial plan was to split them when Western Highlands and Jiwaka went to the polls on the same day.
He said since Western Highlands went to the polls on Monday, all the security personnel had been moved to Jiwaka.
Kauba said Jiwaka was known for homebrew and marijuana-related problems and that anyone trying to interfere with polling would face the law.
He said supporters and candidates planning illegal activities should think twice.
Kauba said more security personnel would be engaged today than in any other national elections in the past.
He said security personnel expected people to cooperate with polling teams and to vote peacefully.
He appealed to Jiwakans to show their maturity when electing their leaders.
Kauba said Jiwaka was a new province and they must show other people they were capable going into the polls peacefully.
He said the delay in polling was caused because there had been no money to pay polling officials.
He said he had heard some money had been allocated and that problem had been resolved and polling would start today.
Several attempts to get in touch with election manager, Sale Bunat yesterday were unsuccessful.
Kauba said polling in Western Highlands had progressed smoothly.