Kaupa giving businesses priority


North East MP John Kaupa said that developments to grow businesses for those living in his electorate will be a priority this year.
He said several projects were already underway with the development of marketplaces and commercial areas.
“We need to create ways for all people to get into business and this will be something I am going to push for this year,” Kaupa said.
“The construction of the 6-Mile Market is in full swing at a cost of K20 million and it will also have 160 reserved areas for small and medium-sized enterprises and that is a pilot project that our electorate is lucky to be the first to have.
“The construction is still on but in fact I am sure that it should be finished before the main Apec meeting this year.
“This will make North East a place for business to grow and for all people who are working and those who want to trade and earn an income to support themselves here in the city.
“Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has made this possible and through his support Port Moresby and North East is developing with many important projects.
“The construction of Gordon Market is also happening and this will have better facilities for our people to come and sell garden food and supply the city with good food once it is completed.
“For the time it takes to construct there has been a relocation of sellers to a temporary market near Wildlife in Erima.
“The other place that is being looked at for development into a commercial area is the land near the cemetery at 9-Mile where the rugby fields are. This is still in the process but by this year we hope to start on that as well.”