Kaupa raises concerns over evils plaguing society


MORESBY North East MP John Kaupa says he is concerned about an increase in crime, violence, corruption and other forms of evil that are destroying societies and the nation.
“If you go to every street, settlement and villages in our country, you have churches there,” he said.
“Some people continue to ignore good teachings of our pastors and priests from our churches to only turn to evil in destroying their own fellow neighbours.
“We have seen many violence-related cases in Port Moresby and other parts of our nation in 2019.”
Kaupa urged residents to take a stand and say no to corruption and violence in the country and repent.
He said the city would be a better place if citizens turned away from evil doings and practise good habits.
“I encourage all our youths to turn away from crime and turn to the church for a better life,” he said.
“Do something that will reap good benefits rather than turning to crime and violence.”
Kaupa added that residents should also make Port Moresby a safer enviornment for visitors so they take back good memories.

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