Kaupa’s style of leadership hailed


THIS is open letter to our leaders and politicians.
If you are occupying a public office, then be prepared to be a public figure also.
It is not right for public figures as our MPs to be hiding behind tight security and high-fenced houses after making the promise to live and work with the people.
The home that you politicians live in and the car that you are driving belongs to the people.
What the MP for Moresby NorthEast, Housing Minister John Kaupa, does is what other MPs should follow.
Kaupa lives at his own home at 6-Mile, drives an old district car and mingles with the people at roadsides, markets and stalls where he shares with them soft drinks, smoke and betel nuts.
JK, you will reap what you sow.

Paul Minga
Kendu 2
Jiwaka Kona Market