Kavieng to try out new anti-malarial

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The National, Thuresday 12th January 2012

KAVIENG district health services, New Ireland, will join others in implementing the new malaria treatment protocol in Papua New Guinea as directed by the Department of Health.
Kavieng district health manager, Paterson Marengas, said the distribution of Artemethre-Lumefantrine (Mala-1) for the treatment of uncomplicated malaria in health centres within the district started on Jan 3.
Coordinated by the New Guinea Islands malaria logistics officer Leo Lagarand and implemented by Marengas and other officers in the district health service, the rollout has been well-received by the medical fraternity.
The new line of treatment replaces the prescription and administration of chloroquine and carmoquine tablets.
Marengas said before prescribing the Mala-1 treatment it was  a requirement that patients undergo rapid diagnostic testing (RDT) using RDT Kits and/or microscopic/laboratory tests for malaria diagnosis.
He said the new line of treatment allowed for the effective management and diagnosis of malaria.
Marengas said the Mala-1 was fast, effective and prevented further transmission and was easily digested.
He said malaria was endemic in the country and was experiencing a high drug resistance strain that was being countered by the introduction of Artemethre-Lumefantrine.
To complement the new line of treatment, Mala-1 is administered free of charge in all health centres.