Kavieng’s four-lane road sealing complete


THE sealing of the four-lane Kavavu Avenue in Kavieng, New Ireland, was completed on Sunday, nine months after work commenced.
Governor Sir Julius Chan was present to see the last coat of bitumen being placed on the road. Construction began last August.
Sir Julius was excited to see the roads sealed after construction was extended due to unfavourable weather conditions.
“What a great Mother’s Day gift,” he said. “The people of New Ireland can be proud that they have a world class road to welcome visitors and New Irelanders into the province.
“We have the best highway in the country so it’s only fitting that all roads in the province sync with the Boluminski Highway.”
Sir Julius called on all New Irelanders to look after the road, with the first phase completed.
Work has commenced on the second phase – from the courthouse through to town and the water front.
“New Ireland is progressing, you can see the developments taking place, it’s the beginning of delivering our ‘Bilas City’ long term development plan,” Sir Julius said.
The provincial government recently passed the Vagrancy Act, Bettlenut Act, Littering Act and the Liberalisation Beer Act in conjunction with its Bilas City plans.

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