Kavo leads regional race in Gulf

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The National, Tuesday 17th July, 2012

INCUMBENT Gulf Governor and People’s National Party candidate Havila Kavo is leading the pack well ahead of rivals after counts seven yesterday.
Kavo is leading the race on 5,384 after taking over from Pipol’s Party candidate Paul Kolako Harry in count six of Kikori open votes.
Kolako is second with 1,295 votes, followed by Pangu Pati candidate and former governor Chris Haiveta with 1,157 votes. Fourth place is independent candidate and former Kikori MP and Gulf governor Riddler Kimave on 781 votes. Fifth place is independent candidate Abraham Taisu with 401 votes.
In Kikori open seat after count seven yesterday, former Museum director and independent candidate Soroi Eoe has taken a steady lead on 2,419 followed by independent candidate Solomon Hakava with 732.
In third place is independent candidate Josiah Novulu on 630 closely followed by MP and T.H.E. Party candidate Mark Maipakai and National Alliance candidate Andrew Haipaku.
In Kerema open seat, after count nine, independent candidates Vika Maika Kenneth came from nowhere to lead the pack with 971 votes.
In second place is Gulf businessman and independent candidate George Mero with 937 votes followed by Eddie Marakoko in third place with 906 votes.
Independent candidate Ivan Hula, who led the pack in counts five and six within Kerema urban area, dropped to fourth spot with 880 votes followed by Ken Haroho Pala with 681 votes at the fifth spot.
Counting for Kerema open was suspended at 5pm but resumed at 6pm yesterday evening.
Gulf elections manager Poevare Tore said the provincial electoral commission earlier said they would be not do any counting at night, however, have opted to count Kerema ballot papers at night yesterday because of snail pace of counting in the province.
“We still have 37 mores boxes to go before elimination and with the way we are going we will not complete this on time.”
 This is why to speed up the counting we have started with Kerema open ballot papers to be counted at night. We may do the same for the regional and Kikori open electorate. We have only ten days and our progress is slow.

“I appeal to scrutineers to please assist us. I ask them to seek help when it is really necessary. We need to complete counting before return of writs,” Tore said.