Kavo refuted claims by PEA president

Normal, Papua

GULF Governor Havilla Kavo has refuted claims by Public Employees Association president Michael Malabag that public servants in his province were dysfunctional due to political interference.
“The statement made by Malabag was made without the benefit of all facts that gave rise to what is perceived as the declining morale against public servants,” Mr Kavo said in a statement last week.
He said the PEA president “should have had the common decency and courtesy to have consulted” his office prior to making statements.
Mr Malabag had made the call in the media that the public service in Gulf province was dysfunctional due to undue political influence.
Mr Kavo said if Mr Malabag had contacted him, he would have known that the problems experienced were deep-rooted.
“And they certainly did not originate in my term, but have been an existing problem,” he said.
Mr Kavo said his office was working to rectify the situation.