Kavo signs agreement for roads’ upgrade

Normal, Papua

The National, Monday February 10th, 2014

 A LOCAL company in Gulf has signed a joint venture agreement with Double Trans (PNG) Ltd to carry our construction work on roads in the province. 

The Gulf Engineering Construction Company is owned by the provincial government and Double Trans is a subsidiary of Double-Trans Pty Ltd, a Singapore-based company. 

A memorandum of understanding was signed by Governor Havila Kavo and Double Trans director Melvin Ghwee. 

They agreed to tender and bid for civil engineering infrastructure construction work in the province.

The joint venture entity will be called Gulf Double Trance Ltd. 

The provincial government will provide capital and will be pushing for projects in the province to be awarded to the joint venture. 

Double Trance will bring knowledge, equipment and experience through its parent company in Singapore. 

Kavo is confident Double Trans will build better roads the company’s record of road construction in other countries.

“The arrangement was done to keep money in the province to assist the provincial government in its revenue,” he said. 

“Gulf expects between K50 million and K60 million worth of projects this year for all construction works including roads, bridges, airports, and housing.”

Meanwhile, Ghwee said: “Double Trans Singapore is venturing into developing countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea to produce world-class roads.”