Keep ‘corrupt’ polling officials away from LLG election, says local

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The National, Friday 10th May 2013


AN intending candidate for the Lake Kopiago local level government (LLG) in Hela has called on the Electoral Commission not to appoint certain former election officials to conduct the LLG election.

Jonathan Galo of Kopiago Basin claimed some officials engaged during the 2012 national election behaved inappropriately.

“These same people are now appointed to conduct the council election and we are not happy about it and want neutral people to be appointed conduct the polling,” he said.

“We want public servants and council officers in the district to conduct free and transparent council election this year. 

“We don’t want people already involved in the illegal practices to come back and conduct the election.”

Galo said people would accept the result of the election if neutral people conducted the election without fear or favour.

He said the electoral office in Mendi was aware of illegal practices.

“I want to call on the new election manager in Hela to stop entertaining and engaging electoral officers with bad records in the last election

“He must not to involve them in the council election,” he said.

Galo said the people in the 19 council wards of the Lake Kopiago LLG want a trouble-free election.

“We had enough trouble during the national election. 

“We do not want the same to happen this time during the LLG election,” he said.

He added that for the good of the electoral process, neutral people should conduct the LLG elections.