Keep away from fake information


THE spread of coronavirus has been reported to have societal effects ranging from the stockpiling of face masks or personal protective equipment (PPE) to the cancellation of travel plans and the quarantining of suspected individuals.
Lockdown and the declaration of a state of emergency is becoming another death alarm which drives our mind to the ending world.
As we go about our daily lives, we encounter a wide variety of uncertain factors that we simply don’t pay attention to but are often more likely to affect us than recent events or potential “newsworthy” threats.
We take on risks by crossing the street, trying new foods, driving in traffic, climbing ladders and interpersonal interaction in multiple contexts; all of which are much more likely to critically hurt or kill you.
You are of greatest use to yourself and your family if you remain alert and proactive and take steps consistent with this approach.
Never panic, bring yourself back to your daily life but with care and focus.
If you’re lost and struggling to switch on, seek help and clarification from your pastor, medical professional or listen to educational awareness about the disease.
It is possible that the closure of shipping routes and international distribution mechanisms may delay the import of common goods and medications.
If you are at risk and perhaps confirmed by your medical care provider, have your prescriptions refilled for 90 days as opposed to 30 days so you can be well prepared when worse comes to worse.
Avoid the urge to excessively watch coverage on informal media.
This does not mean that one is attempting to diminish the meaning or psychological impact of what is happening.
It is a normal human reaction to be concerned and keeping up to date with current situation.
However, rumours and fake information stored in your mind can potentially switch your mind off.
As the saying goes, “Every cloud has a silver lining”.
Such nightmare won’t last long, please stay focus, have faith, keep cool, calm and follow every advice given by your responsible team medical professionals.

Gule Marabe,
Ambua Kapua

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