Keep branch open, bank told

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The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013

 PINDU Transport and Logistics Services Ltd operations manager Ronnie Papu, in Hides 4, Komo, Hela, , has called on Bank South Pacific (BSP) to operate seven days a week in the area.

His call came after he was robbed last week at Mt Hagen while on business.

Papu lost personal effects including his save card and wallet with cash in it when thugs attacked him.

He said he left Tari last Thursday and arrived late on Friday in Mt Hagen where he was unable to do his business because it was late.

The next day he was robbed on a Mt Hagen’s street while waiting for the bank to open.

“It is understood commercial banks are closed at the weekends,” Papu said.

“But due to the PNG LNG project and mining boom, the commercial banks should operate seven days a week to cope with it.”

He urged Mt Hagen police to beef up operation on the streets to discourage petty crimes.

Due to the mining boom in Southern Highlands and Enga, people were flocking into Mt Hagen because it was the nerve centre of the two provinces, Papu said.

“Mt Hagen is the commercial centre but petty crime is on the rise and is giving the third city a bad image,” he said.

“We sometimes arrive late in Mt Hagen to do our banking and transactions due to bad road conditions. In such cases, we are likely to fall victims to criminals,” he said.