Keep children in mind when doing things, says Rosso


Leaders and people in management positions are being urged to keep children in mind when they say and do things.
Lae MP John Rosso told bureaucrats, heads of the disciplined forces, company managers, and community and church leaders in Morobe during an Independence Day dinner that they should set examples with their words and actions.
It was all about attitude, he said.
“Conduct yourself positively in public areas, bearing in mind there are children watching you,” Rosso said “They will also do everything you do, even if your attitudes are not right. Drinking in public and openly spitting when chewing betel nuts on roads and public areas are some little things that we must change.”
Rosso said when making decisions, children should be kept in mind all the time as they were the ones who would help to make the country better “if we show them the right attitude.”