‘Keep constant relationship with God’


MANY people are blinded by immorality and do not realise the salvation given by the Lord, layman preacher Peter Awa of Harvest for Christ Ministry church (HFCM) says.
Awa said, during a sermon on Sunday in Gerehu, that many people only called on the Lord when in times of need but did not worship and praise him when things were good.
He said being in communion with God meant staying in a constant relationship and not taking his grace for granted.
“Everyone has a chance for salvation through the love of Jesus who died on the cross for them,” he said.
Awa, who is a businessman as well as a church deacon, said people had the opportunity to receive salvation at any time but it was always good to be true believers and Christians and live a life worthy of that calling.
Awa recounted the scriptural teaching in Luke 19, the story of the tax collector Zacchaeus.
He said despite being a sinful man, he made a wise choice to accept Jesus into his home and repent.
Awa said like Zacchaeus, everyone on Earth could be saved and given salvation if they respond to Jesus’ call.

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