Keep court area clean


CAN the district court staff working at Namatanai make it their business to keep the court house lawn there manageable and clean, even though there’s no magistrate based there anymore to hear cases.
The court house is an important institution and these staffs are getting their salaries every fortnight because of that court building and the positions created because of its existence there.
These photos capture some staffs from the Kavieng National Court who travelled there to cut down the overgrown grass at the Courthouse with bush knives and grass knives.
This work took them three days, in preparation for the national court circuit there.
This has been happening for some years.
Common sense would dictate that since there’s no magistrate there nowadays, these district court staffs would make it their priority to keep the yard clean as part of their commitment as public servants to the institution where their salary comes from, and not continue to expect the national court staffs from Kavieng to travel in year in, year out to clean up the court premises.


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