Keep it clean, says Rapa

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The National, Monday 17th June 2013


CANDIDATES contesting for the council and presidents’ seats in the Western Highlands are urged to campaign peacefully and not to criticise other candidates.

Deputy Governor and council president for Hagen rural local level government Wai Rapa, after hearing candidates making inflammatory and provocative remarks against each other, said: ‘‘This is not the way to campaign. If you want to become a leader, stand like a leader and reveal your plans and policies and convince the people to vote for you in that manner.” 

Rapa said criticising others and accusing opposing leaders was often reflected on the person’s own weak leadership skills.

 “We contest the election to provide good leadership and provide basic services to our people but not to gossip about other leaders,” he said.

Rapa said there was no protection for those making false claims and allegations and they could end up facing defamation suits in court.

“We live and stay with the people back in our communities, they will decide when the time comes whether to elect us as their leaders or not,” he said.

Rapa said the race for the president’s seat was a costly exercise.