Keep Lae clean


THESE pictures above tell the story of the start of a commuter’s day in Lae’s Top Town central bus stop.
One of these pictures show a trail of white smoke left behind by a run-down bus.
You can see rubbish lying around.
The other picture has a bus waiting for passengers, with the crew spitting betel nut onto the side of the bus.
Such is the chaotic scenes every day in the middle of Lae.
I wonder if we have authorities to sort this mess out.
The provincial administration should take heed and start the process of consultation with all concerned stakeholders on transportation to address such issues.
At a time when the private sector is doing its bit to invest in Morobe, all relevant government agencies should play their part to support the development of the province and country.
With large scale resource projects in Morobe and the soon-to-open Nadzab International Airport, we do not want to leave a bad impression for tourists and investors.
For the sake of sustainable development, I think it’s time the Morobe administration take the initiative to provide an enabling environment for all.
We want to show the rest of Papua New Guinea and the world that we are civilised human beings living in a modern city and appreciating the services brought about by progressive development.

Concerned Lae Resident